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ABT Audi AS4 Cabriolet 2003 posters

ABT Audi AS4 Cabriolet

The Abt AS4 Cabriolet is the latest addition to the AS4 family, a celebratory airy four-seater filled with joy and power. It is designed for spirited drives – no matter if out on the countryside or on the highway - the Abt AS4 Cabriolet sets no limits. Offering immense torque from its powerful three-litre engine, it puts out 162 kW (220 hp) and 213 kW (290 hp) should the driver need more. The Abt suspension ensures a smooth and dynamic ride, lowering the centre of gravity by 35-40 mm and providing rapid changes of direction. On top of its sporting capabilities, the Abt AS4 Cabriolet also radiates elegance. With its Abt chrome kit for the front air intake and front grille, tasteful rear wing, and Abt four-pipe rear muffler with painted panels, the car makes quite an impression. Its interior too has taken Abt’s touch, featuring Abt floor mats, a 360 mm Abt steering wheel with component airbag and the Abt Sportsline multi-tronic gearbox. Lastly, the Abt sport wheels with the five-spoke classic design, the 8.5x19 inch SP1 rims with ContiSportContact tyres, the silver DTM Champion 2002 wheel caps further contribute to its complete look.

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