ABT Audi AS6 Avant 2005 posters

ABT Audi AS6 Avant

The Abt AS6 Avant is an impressive manifestation of Abt Sportsline's enthusiasm for tuning Audi models. This Kempten-based entity has long shared a passionate love affair with cars from Ingolstadt. From its shapely Abt front grill to its newly designed front spoiler lip, the front of the vehicle has a distinct sporty edge. Broad side skirts reinforce the dynamic design of the standard model, while the rear wing offers increased downforce on the rear axis. An eye-catching stainless steel rear muffler bearing the Abt logo tops off the rear skirt. The Abt AS6 Avant not only looks dynamic, it is also incredibly powerful. An advanced motor management technique has been developed on the basis of the Audi 3.0 TDI, resulting in 40 bhp and 100 Nm extra power compared to the standard model. This power is accentuated by a set of specially tuned suspension springs which reduce the vehicle's body height by 40 millimetres. Additionally, the springs enable a sportier driving style. Lastly, the Abt-light alloy wheels SP1-Titan with their 19 inch design and 245/35 R19 tyres from Continental help to transmit the AS6's power onto the road. In summary, the Abt AS6 Avant perfectly encapsulates Abt Sportsline's admiration for Audi models, and stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering enthusiasm for tuning.

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