AC Schnitzer ACS3 X3 2004 posters

AC Schnitzer ACS3 X3

The BMW X3 is the second SUV in the BMW family that has seen the work of AC Schnitzer's engineers. The engineers have gained a great deal of experience with SUVs, even starting with the larger X5 and then to the AC Schnitzer X-ROAD based on the BMW 330ix. For the BMW X3 3.0d version, an AC Schnitzer Diesel Performance Upgrade is in development to increase the engine output to 180 kW / 245 HP and raise the maximum torque by 50 Nm to 460 Nm. Despite the more powerful engine, the high driving comfort, moderate fuel consumption and excellent stability remain unaffected. We further recommend an AC Schnitzer sport rear silencer of V2A special steel with chromed racing tailpipe trim to enhance gas flow. Additionally, a lowered suspension of 20 - 30 mm with specially set up dampers significantly enhances both the driving dynamics and stability of the X3. The suspension can take on changing terrain with ease, from gravel slopes to asphalt roads - for the sports performance of the X3 with AC Schnitzer suspension, no challenge is too great.

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