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AC Schnitzer ACS5 5Series E61 Touring 2004 posters

AC Schnitzer ACS5 5Series E61 Touring

Aerodynamic components in sporting, elegant design, engine tuning for the 530d variants, alloy and racing rims in various sizes and styles, and numerous interesting accessories: AC Schnitzer have developed a comprehensive tuning range for the BMW 5-series Touring to make this luxury, elegant estate even better.

AC Schnitzer know that the 6-series is already an excellent vehicle in every way, but they always strive to make it better. With this in mind, they have adapted their alloy and racing wheels for the 6-series. Their Type III and Type IV designs are available now.

AC Schnitzer are also developing a wheel and tyre combination for the 6-series featuring their new Type IV racing wheel in 21". As well as various combinations in 19", the 6-series can also carry the combination of 9.0J x 20" on the front with tyres 245/35 R 20 and on the rear axle 10.0J x 20" with tyres 285/30 R 20. This combination improves the car's driving dynamics and AC Schnitzer recommend high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.

To enhance the look of the five-door even further, AC Schnitzer have created a range of aerodynamic components. They have already released a front spoiler that not only gives the car a more striking appearance, but also improves downforce on the front axle. The air intakes also provide effective cooling for the front brakes. Furthermore, they offer aerodynamic sports door mirrors and side skirts.

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