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Alfa Romeo 147 5door 2004 posters

Alfa Romeo 147 5door

The Alfa Romeo 147, which made its debut in Italy after its successful introduction to the world at the Paris Motor Show, has not only met its ambitious goals but surpassed them beyond any expectations. Highly acclaimed by the press with 27 awards, this car has everything you need from elegance, comfort, safety and technology, to name a few. Some of these awards include 'Car of the Year 2001', 'Volante d'Oro', 'Trophées du design 2000' and 'Auto Importado del Ano en Brasil 2002'. It's also well-loved by readers with awards such as 'Auto Europa 1' in 2001 and 'L'auto che preferisco' in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Moreover, the Alfa Romeo 147 has proved successful with almost 360,000 motorists buying it between October 2000 and September 2004. Additionally, the car has vastly improved from its predecessor in terms of quality, making it compete with the best in the market and becoming a prestige vehicle. With the 5-door version, the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, CONNECT versions, and Alfa Romeo 147 TI versions, and JTD engine with a Selespeed gearbox, it's clear that the success of the Alfa Romeo 147 is a combination of its modern design and engineering, evolving customer needs and expectations, as well as the test of time. With the New 147 now in the scene, we can only expect its own success to come too.

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