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Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Sport 1928 posters

Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Sport

The Alfa Romeo 6C was a series of road, race, and sports cars which saw production between 1925 and 1954, with the name referring to the straight 6 engine it housed. Notable coachbuilders like James Young, Zagato, Touring, Castagna, and Pininfarina were responsible for creating the bodies of 6C cars. Starting from 1933, Portello also began to design their own 6C variant with a factory-made Alfa body. In the mid-1920s, Alfa Romeo's RL was deemed too large and heavy, thus a substitute was needed and the Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 was born. It was presented at Milan in 1925 and production commenced in 1927, taking the P2 Grand Prix car as an initial point of reference. With a 1487cc engine in contrast to the Alfa Romeo P2's 1987cc, supercharging was not included. The original versions were designed by Young and Touring. In 1928, the release of the 6C 1500 Sport came with a dual overhead camshaft engine. With this configuration it won numerous races such as the 1928 ``Mille Miglia''. A total of 3000 cars were made, including 200 with DOHC engines, together with a handful of Super Sport models equipped with a compressor.

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