Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 1983 posters

Alfa Romeo Alfa 6

On its launch in 1979, the Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 was presented as the flagship of the carmaker's range. Its four-door body had a similar style to the Alfa Romeo Alfetta but featured a more conventional design. The two models had a lot of parts in common, including the door panels. Furthermore, the Alfa 6 had a drag coefficient of 0.41, which was quite respectable at the time. As for its engine, it was a 2.5 V6 that delivered 158bhp at 5,600rpm, powered by six carburettors and driven by one camshaft per cylinder head. Moreover, power steering, power windows, central door locking, electric exterior mirrors, and a 25% limited slip differential came as standard features - all these features made the Alfa 6 quite competitive on the market. Its safety standards were ahead of its time as well, with a shock sensor in the trunk which could cut off the fuel supply in an accident. In 1983 the car was revamped with single square headlights, a new grille, bumpers, and trims around the rear lights. Inside, there were small changes, and the engine received Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection (except for the 2.0 V6 version, which retained its carburettors). Additionally, a 2.5 litre VM 5 cylinder turbodiesel was added to the lineup of engines. Besides being the first Alfa Romeo to have fully zinc-plated bodywork, the Alfa 6 was remembered to be a relatively unreliable car due to rustiness and its frequent alternator problems. Limited production (12,070 units) and its reliability issues have caused it to become quite a rare model.

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