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Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe GT Junior Z 1969 posters

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe GT Junior Z

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe GT Junior Z was the entry model to the Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe range, replacing the Giulietta Sprint series in 1965. It was fitted with the 1300 (1290 cc) twin cam engine (74 mm bore x 75 mm stroke) that was initially used in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta series cars, but was revised for the 105 series, with smaller port sizes and other modifications as mandated by Italian tax laws. In addition, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1300 GT Junior was also the first car in the Giulia range to use ATE disk brakes as opposed to the Dunlop disks that were found on its predecessor models, as well as a brake servo, which was gradually phased in from 1967. Despite the low-end performance of the 1300 Junior, with only 90 bhp in tow, the car was able to achieve a respectable top speed of 100 mph whilst going from 0-60 in 12.6 seconds.

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