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Alpina BMW B5 2006 posters

Alpina BMW B5

The revolutionary ALPINA BMW B5 was unveiled at the Geneva Salon in March 2005, presenting a powerful 500 horsepower output, maximum torque of 700 Newton metres and a top speed of 314km/h, making it the fastest production saloon in the world. Utilising the experienced craftsmanship of Buchloe, the BMW ALPINA B5 is available as both a Touring and Saloon. In comparison to its predecessors, the BMW ALPINA B5 is unrivalled when it comes to performance - not only in relation to its horsepower but also in singling out the manner in which that power is unleashed. One of its key components is the 8-cylinder 4.4 litre engine coupled with a forced induction radial, or "Nautilus-type" compressor, which works in the same way the intake side of a turbo would operate to generate up to 0.8 atmospheres of boost. The greater air pressure is cooled to a temperature of 70°C before entering the engine. As with the legendary B10 Bi-Turbo, the B5 delivers an efficient and dynamic driving experience.

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