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Alpina BMW B6 2006 posters

Alpina BMW B6 Cabrio

Providing a luxurious performance-oriented option for top-down driving, the BMW ALPINA B6 Cabrio offers 500 horsepower, 700 Nm of torque, and a V8 engine that releases a beguiling sound. This Gran Tourismo combines impressive or power with unparalleled comfort. With 0-100 kph taking four and a half seconds and a top speed of 300 kph, it can easily accommodate even the most enthusiastic drivers with its smooth 6-speed automatic ZF transmission. Each cabin is channeled with rich leather, wood, and perfected ergonomics, ensuring driver and passengers will be surrounded with utmost comfort. Staggered alpina DYNAMIC wheels equipped with Michelin tires add to the smoothness of the ride. Retouching the front and rear creates a sophisticated look, complimented by the discreetly integrated four exhaust pipes in the rear diffuser. In short, BMW ALPINA has designed an awe-inspiring vehicle that promises top-down pleasure, combining performance and comfort with everyday usability. Those who order now can chase the sun early next Summer.

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