Alpina BMW B6 Cabrio 2006 posters

Alpina BMW B6 Cabrio

Experience an unparalleled level of luxury and performance with the Alpina BMW B6 Cabrio. Packing 500 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, you'll find the aural and physical pleasure of flowing roads and red-line orgies hard to match. The V8 engine delivers a deep and satisfying sound, and paired with the 6-speed ZF automatic transmision, you'll reach 100 kph from a standing start in 4.9 seconds, with 0-300 kph speeds in less than a minute. The interior environment plays its part in creating the ultimate driving experience. You'll find leather seats, wood accents and ergonomics that caress your body and provide all the necessary comforts. The special tyre configuration gives you superb ride comfort too, while cornering, braking and acceleration forces remain high. Pure quality and performance highlight the 20" ALPINA DYNAMIC wheels and staggered Michelin tyres. At both the front and rear you'll find subtle yet sophisticated retouches, which include the four classy exhaust pipes integrated into the rear diffuser. With all these elements elegantly combining, it's easy to see why the BMW ALPINA B6 is all about driving pleasure - and when the pleasure's this great, you can expect long and happy summers.

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