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Ascari A10 2007 posters

Ascari A10

British Supercar manufacturer, Ascari has produced the answer to the Ferrari Enzo FXX - which is only meant to be driven during track days and costs just over £1 million (1.5m EUROS) - with the Ascari A10, an affordable, road legal supercar. Priced at £350,000 (522.000 EUROS), this car can be driven home and parked on your driveway, giving your neighbourhood something to envy. Designed, engineered and hand built in Banbury, England, the A10 is equipped with 625bhp and weighs in at around 1,200kg, making it lightweight yet powerful. Reaching 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and 100mph in less than 6 seconds, this is quite possibly the fastest road going production car around a race track. Only 10 A10s will be built and customised to customer orders, with available options including remote central locking, electric windows and door mirrors, climate control and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system. This UK based supercar will make its debut at the 2006 MPH show in Birmingham on 28 October.

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