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Aston Martin DB3 1951 posters

Aston Martin DB3

The Aston Martin DB3 and its successor, the Aston Martin DB3S, were specially designed racing cars from the 1950s. While they incorporated some parts from the Aston Martin DB2, they featured new design elements tailored to the demands of competitive racing. The individual responsible for the alterations was former Auto Union engineer Eberan von Eberhorst, and was eventually replaced by others for work on the DB3S. The original DB3 was introduced in 1951 and was fitted with the 2.6L Lagonda straight-six engine, produced with 133 hp (99 kW). Ultimately, this version was unsatisfactory and another engine was added to the car, a 2.9L capable of generating 163 hp (122 kW). This iteration performed better, with the DB3s taking a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finish at Silverstone in 1952, behind the Jaguar C-Type. As it was unable to compete in Le Mans, the DB3s took the chequered flag in the Goodwood 9-hours race. In 1953, the DB3S was launched, a smaller and lighter version of the DB3. This model saw more success than its predecessor, and was produced up until 1956. Two coupe versions of the DB3S were also constructed. The DB3S was then succeeded in 1956 by the celebrated Aston Martin DBR1, eventually collecting the trophy in Le Mans in 1959.

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