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Audi 80 Avant 1991 posters

Audi 80 Avant

In 1991, the B3 got a major makeover and was internally referred to as the B4, or 8C. Compared to its predecessor, the B4 featured a longer wheelbase, a newly designed fuel tank and rear axle, 15" wheels, revised radiator grille, widened wheel arches, and higher quality interior parts. In the European market, all sedans were badged as 80, regardless of engine capacity, while the 90 name was discontinued. On the other hand, the 90 designation was adopted in the US for the sedan while offering more luxurious features such as automatic transmission, cruise control, air conditioning and leather seats. Engine options included four-cylinder gasoline, five cylinder, and two different types of V6 - the latter only available in US vehicles. In addition, the B4 had the first Audi high-torque, turbocharged diesel engine, the 1.9 TDI that produced 90 hp. The standard 1.8 liter B3 gas engine was omitted, and its place was taken by a 90-hp two-liter four-cylinder gas engine, which was a modified version of the 2.0E engine. All versions had quattro all-wheel-drive, although it could only be combined with a five-speed manual transmission. A road-legal homologation of the B4-based DTM race car sedan, called Quattro Competition, was made and came with a 140-hp two-liter gas engine and all-wheel drive. It is now a sought-after collector's item. The B4 also saw the beginnings of sedan, coupe, cabriolet and wagon variants, although the last coupe sold in the US was in 1990 and 1991. Production for the sedan and wagon models ended in 1994, while the cabriolet lasted until 2000. Its bumpers and instrument clusters were tweaked along the way, plus additional options were made available to customers. The B4 took its last bow with the introduction of the Audi A4 in 1995.

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