Audi A8 4.2 2005 posters

Audi A8 L 4.2

The Audi A8 L 4.2, of the second generation (Typ 4E), was unveiled in July 2002 and released in November 2002 in Europe and June 2003 in the United States. Roomy enough to fit four or five adults comfortably, depending on the configuration of the rear seating, the car was built on the Volkswagen Group D3 platform. Starting in 1996, the design process was commenced two years later at Audi's Ingolstadt studio, where six themes evolved into full-size clay models and small quarter-scale models. After the reduction of the clay models to two in late 1998, they continued to be refined in the coming year until Miklós Kovács and Imre Hasanic selected the final design in late 1999. The body was made from aluminium, taking longer to shape into its sleek and stylish form, in comparison to the steel body of the A4 (B6) of 1998. For the interior, the MMI buttons, created by Jurgen Schröder, were located closer to the driver for convenience and a driver-focused identity. A spacious feel was achieved by Norbert Schneider, Mark Bergold and Enzo Rothfuss, with assistance from Jurgen Albamonte and the colour and trim efforts of Barbara Krömeke and Melinda Jenkins.

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