Bentley Azure Final Series 2003 posters

Bentley Azure Final Series

The Bentley Azure was a luxurious four-seat convertible car that was in production from 1995 until 2003. It was based off the Bentley Continental R and later T models, but was slightly more powerful, with a 6.75 L Garrett turbocharged/intercooled V8 engine that produced 400 hp (298 kW) and 645 ft·lbf (874 N·m) of torque. The four-speed automatic gearbox allowed it to reach 60 mph (98 km/h) in just 6.1 seconds. The Azure was designed to fulfill the combination of glamour, performance, and continent-crossing capabilities, all characteristics of a modern Bentley. Pininfarina was responsible for designing and building the top of the car. The price tag was $347,645 - $36,355 more than the Continental R. There were two versions: the Bentley Azure produced from 1995 to 2002 and the Bentley Azure Mulliner (from 1999 to 2003), which came from the company's in-house customizing department with a few visual differences.

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