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BMW 130i M-Package 2005 posters

BMW 130i M-Package

The BMW 130i M-Package is a firmer and sportier version of the 1 Series BMW. It is a first-generation compact executive car which was introduced in 2004, replacing the BMW 3 Series Compact as the smallest and least expensive car in the BMW lineup. It is available in three body styles - a 3-door hatchback (E81), 5-door hatchback (E87), coupe (E82) and 2-door convertible (E88). The 1 Series features a rear-wheel drive chassis, 50:50 weight balance, longitudinally-mounted engine and aluminum multi-link suspension, as well as a range of petrol and diesel engines. It was designed by Christopher Chapman in 2001, and it made its debut in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show. The 1 Series was created to provide a lower entry point into the BMW lineup, and it has gained immense popularity since. It accounted for nearly one-fifth of BMW's total sales in 2008. The 1 Series was introduced in the US and Canada in June 2007 as the 128i and 135i and was launched globally in the autumn of 2004. It has been incredibly successful since its launch, demonstrating BMW's keen attention to detail and flawless execution.

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