BMW 315 PS DA 2 1929 posters

BMW 315 PS DA 2

The BMW 3/15 PS DA2 was the second vehicle produced by the German automaker BMW, released in July 1929. As a consequence of the Versaille treaty limiting aircraft production in Germany, BMW sought to use their knowledge to create truck, boat, motorcycle and car engines. To this end, BMW acquired the license for an Austin Seven, and also the Eisenach factory. Initially, the car was termed the 3/15 PS DA1; the designation is taken from the taxation class (3), engine power (15 horsepower - PS being the abbreviation for horse-power in German), and DA is short for 'Deutsche Ausführung' meaning German release. The BMW 3/15 PS DA2 had customizable body shells; its engine was a water-cooled, four-stroke four-cylinder unit, pumping out 750cc of power and 750cc of torque. It weighed 400kg, with a peak speed of 75km/h and the ability to reach speeds of 40km/h from a standing start in just 10 seconds. The fuel economy was also impressive, achieving up to 6 liters per 100 km (approximately 45 miles per gallon).

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