BMW 320Cd Convertible 2004 posters

BMW 320Cd Convertible

The BMW E46 is a compact executive car which was produced by BMW from 1998 to 2007. It featured a 4-door sedan body style at launch, and was later followed by a 2-door coupé, convertible, 4-door station wagon/estate, and 5-door hatchback - the latter of which were only available in certain markets. It replaced the E36 and was succeeded by the E90. All-wheel drive (xDrive) was re-introduced in the 3 Series, after a break of 18 years. The E46 was seen as the performance benchmark in its class, and experienced success in many markets, with 561,249 vehicles sold in 2002 - its best-selling year. Exterior design
The exterior design of the E46 was created by Erik Goplen and approved in 1995, and was put into production in February 1996. It featured an emphasis on aerodynamics, and considerably increased the car's aggressive stance. Design patents were filed for the car in 1997 in Germany and 1998 in the US. Interior design
The interior of the E46 range was based on a very flexible automotive computer system, which allowed for the addition of BMW's Bluetooth system, DVD-based navigation, and CD changers that also played MP3s. Weight and rigidity goals
The highest displacement of the E46 was the 328, which had 3 horsepower more than the E36 equivalent, however, it weighed 55 kilograms (121 lb) more than the latter. Also, the body shell was 70% more rigid, and aluminum suspension components were used to reduce unsprung weight. Despite this, the E46 had an optimal 50/50 weight distribution.

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