BMW 325i Cabrio 1985 posters

BMW 325i Cabrio

The BMW E30 platform was used as the basis for the 3 Series between 1982 and 1991. This was a luxury car and compact executive car that replaced the BMW E21. It was manufactured until 1993 in a cabriolet (convertible) model. A convertible M3 was launched in Europe, but never in North America. The BMW Z1 roadster featured an extended version of the E30's front suspension and the E30 325i drivetrain. The BMW E30 was available in four body styles - saloon, two-door coach, five-door estate (known as "touring") and convertible - as well as the Baur cabrio. There was also the all-wheel-drive 325ix, introduced in 1988 and available in two- or four-door versions. Similarly, the BMW M3 had its own heavily redesigned and widened body style. To distinguish the 1984-1987 version from the later models, this earlier BMW E30 had distinctive extended chrome bumpers, known as the "diving boards". These were changed in 1988 to shorter chrome covers and shocks, and finally in 1989 replaced completely with shorter black plastic bumpers. The later model can be fitted onto the 1988 E30 without any modifications, but the older chrome bumpers need to be compressed to create a shorter length. If there is a collision whilst using the bumpers in this way, the shocks cannot absorb the impact and the shock is delivered directly the chassis instead - a situation that could cause serious damage, even at low speed.

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