BMW 3.3Li 1975 posters

BMW 3.3Li

The BMW 3.3Li is part of a BMW production line that first introduced the 2.5 L 2500 and 2.8 L 2800 models in 1968 and they were sold through to 1977. The Bavaria was made from the 2.8 L engine and had some of the interior features removed which also brought the price lower compared to the 2500. In the US market, these cars varied in price from US$5,000 up to $6,874 depending on the features. The 6-cylinder cars were spacious and had good handling that impressed contemporary critics. Road & Track complimented the Bavaria, saying it was "delightful" and "superb", adding that it was "one of the world's best buys". The 3.0S was unveiled in 1971 and it had a more powerful engine than the 2800 but it was more expensive. BMW also made long-wheelbase L models (e.g. 3.0L, 3.3Li) which had abrupt handling that was distinct from Mercedes-Benz models of the same period. Langley Motors in Thames Ditton, UK, even produced an estate version. It was almost expected that the BMW E23 7-series could have been equipped with a 96-horsepower 1.6 liter four-cylinder as its base engine. Although marketing thought this would have a successful outcome, the BMW engineers disagreed and to prove this they held a series of drag races with a Volkswagen, and the 716i ended up losing.

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