BMW 750i 2006 posters

BMW 750i

The BMW 750i is a fourth-generation 7 Series luxury sedan produced by BMW. It is part of the BMW E65 chassis series, which includes the Long-Wheelbase, BMW High Security, and BMW Hydrogen 7 models, all with different chassis numbers. The E65 was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2001 and replaced the 7 Series (E38) soon after production ended in July 2001. In order to facilitate the new 7 Series, the BMW plant at Dingolfing underwent a costly retooling of €500,000,000. However, the response to the new design and iDrive system was met with sharp criticism. Nevertheless, the BMW E65 7 Series was the best-selling generation of the full-size luxury sedan, and received a major facelift in 2006. After a 7 year production run, the E65 7 Series was replaced by the BMW 7 Series (F01) in late 2008. Development of the BMW 750i began in early 1996, and production specifications were frozen in January 1999. Its design was patented on 16 November 2000 and reached the completion of mid-2001. It was initially released in Europe in November 2001 and then appeared in US and other markets in the spring of 2002. However, some early models had issues due to the functionality of the iDrive system and the electronics. Because of this, BMW repurchased some 2002-03 BMW 750i models in theU.S. and extended its factory warranty from 4-Year/50,000-Miles (80,000 km) coverage to 6-Year/100,000-Miles (160,000 km) coverage. In UK, models were still covered by their original 3-Year/Unlimited-Mile warranty.

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