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BMW 750iL 1987 posters

BMW 750iL

In 1986, BMW introduced the next generation of the 7 series, the E32. This car was aimed at the luxury market and included a plethora of sophisticated technology and a top-of-the-line V12 engine. Unique features of the E32 included an integrated telephone and fax, a wine cooler, heated door locks, electronic stability control, and a system that increased the pressure on the windshield wipers if the car exceeded 250 km/h. It also offered an extended version known as the 750iL, which provided 10 centimeters of extra legroom for the backseat passengers. The BMW 750iL Highline was the top-of-the-range model, boasting added luxury features for the rear passengers such as full leather, dual radio controls, climate control, adjustable heated rear seats, and folding walnut veneer tables. These features came with a hefty price tag of more than €10.000. Engines The E32 came with several different petrol engine options, the most basic being the M30 straight-6, which was featured in the 730 and 735, while the 750 featured the new M70 V12 engine that produced 300 bhp. In 1992, a 32-valve V8 engine (the M60) was introduced. This 3-liter engine was featured in the 730i and the 4-liter version in the new 740i. V12 and 8-cylinder engines had wider grilles while the 6-cylinder had narrower ones.
ModelEngine CodeEngine TypeDisplacement (cc)Power (BHP)Torque (NM)
730iM30L6 12V2986188 @ 5800260 @ 4000
735iM30L6 12V3430211 @ 5700305 @ 4000
730i V8M60V8 32V2997218 @ 5800290 @ 4500
740iM60V8 32V3982286 @ 5800400 @ 4500
750iM70V12 24V4988299 @ 5200450 @ 4100
Related Cars The E32 succeeded the older E23 7 series, while itself being replaced by the E38 in 1994. Similarly, parts of the E32 were shared with its two-door sibling, the 8 series E31. Other shared features were the M60 engine and the 'kidney' grille which indicated which engine was present. Competition The E32 faced tough competition in its market from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126 and W140 which was released in 1991. Other contenders included Jaguar XJ40,

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