BMW Isetta 1955 posters

BMW Isetta

The BMW Isetta was the result of a redesign of the popular Italian Isetta design by BMW. They substituted the original powerplant with a more reliable BMW 247 cc, one-cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle engine capable of generating 13 hp. Despite the similarities to the Italian model, the redesign was so thorough that none of the parts between the BMW Isetta Moto Coupe and Iso Isetta are interchangeable. The BMW Isetta was unveiled in April 1955. BMW Isetta 250 The new BMW Isetta 250 model resembled the original Italian “Bubble Window” design with the exception of having separate headlamps on either side of the bodywork and the BMW badge below the windscreen. The redesign included a modified BMW R25/3 250 cc four-stroke engine, producing 12 hp at 5800 rpm. The engine consisted of a cast iron crankcase and cylinder along with an aluminium cylinder head which were rotated by 180 degrees compared to the motorcycle engine. It was coupled to a Bing sliding throttle side draft motorcycle carburettor that created the fuel-air mixture. The powertrain transferred from the four-speed gearbox to the two rear wheels was made using a Hardy disc, cardan shaft, second Hardy disc and a duplex oil-bath chain leading to a rigid shaft with the two rear wheels at each end. This elaborate system was both tension-free and soundproofed.

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