BMW M3 Concept 2007 posters

BMW M3 Concept

The BMW M3 stands as a symbol for unparalleled performance on the track and in everyday driving for decades. Intertwining its domination in motorsports and its supreme driving experience on the road, it has achieved a status that's revered the world over. To carry on its successful story, BMW M GmbH has now unveiled its new BMW M3 Concept Car-- shown for the first time at the 77th International Motor Show in Geneva (8th to 18th of March, 2007). It gives an idea of what a future BMW M3 could look like. Adapting its design from the BMW 3 Series Coupe, the BMW M3 Concept Car presents a unique and forceful identity. Complementing its athletic structure, the Chrome Shadow finish peculiar to BMW M GmbH concept studies gives its external look a distinct emotional aesthetics. All components other than the head lights, tail lights, doors, and luggage compartment lid are newly developed and designed. The commitment to its individualistic form is shown with its revised proportions and reworked body design compared to the original BMW 3 Series Coupe.

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