Buick Riviera 1963 posters

Buick Riviera

The first-generation Riviera was unique amongst other vehicles produced by General Motors as it shared its bodyshell with none other. The dimensions of the car were comparable to the contemporary Buick LeSabre, although it was shorter with a wheelbase of 117 in (2972 mm) and a total length of 208 in (5283 mm). Weighing at 4190 lb (1900 kg), the Riviera was also significantly lighter than the LeSabre. It was powered by either a 401 in³ (6.5 L) or 425 in³ (6.9 L) V8 engine with a Twin Turbine automatic transmission and the suspension utilized a double wishbone front and live axle rear. There was also standard power steering with a ratio of 20.5:1. When it first came out in October of 1962, the Riviera had a base price of $4,333 and with additional options would usually reach up to $5,000. Although there was a 40,000 production cap, the total sales for the 3 model years was at an impressive 112,244. Drivers of the Riviera found it to have great performance, with Motor Trend magazine finding it able to go 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 8 seconds, 16 seconds in the quarter mile with a possible top speed of 115 mph (184 km/h). It was also fuel efficient with a consumption of 13.2 mpg (18.4 L/100 km). The Riviera would be recognized for having an excellent balance of comfort and agility, proving to be worthy competition for the Ford Thunderbird.

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