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Cadillac BLS Wagon 2008 posters

Cadillac BLS Wagon

Cadillac has further affirmed its intent to expand its presence in Europe with the introduction of the BLS Wagon to its product lineup later this year. Jim Taylor, Cadillac's General Manager, views the BLS Wagon as a welcome addition to the Cadillac marquee that will prove to be popular among European buyers who are looking for a vehicle that is stylish, versatile, and adept in both performance and ride. Cadillac signature style The BLS Wagon proudly reflects all of the characteristic design traits that make up the Cadillac signature style; a blend of clear, clean lines and crisp contours that make them instantly recognizable. Spearheaded by Ed Welburn, GM's Vice President of Global Design, the development team has created a bold, wedge-shaped model with succinctly tapered side windows. Additionally, the signature chrome-plated grille is echoed in the form of the rear window, and the body side character lines make it unmistakably a Cadillac. The design is further enhanced by the inclusion of striking headlamps, fog lamps within the body-colored bumper, a wide air intake below the grille, a narrow chrome strip running along the side windows and latest LED technology in the center high-mounted stop lamp, which is excellently positioned in the rear spoiler. To complete the look, Chrysler's signature vertical taillamps form an elegant backdrop.

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