Cadillac DeVille 2000 posters

Cadillac DeVille

The Cadillac DeVille has been the signature luxury car model used by the company since the 1949 Coupe DeVille. After replacing the Fleetwood as the flagship sedan for 2006, the DeVille provided a level of comfort and technology that was unmatched in the automotive industry.


Introducing both a 4-door hardtop and a 2-door coupe version, the DeVille was designed to combine comfort, style, and performance. 1968 marked a significant addition in the design change with the introduction of the 472 in³ (7.7 L) V8 engine rated at 375 hp (sae gross). In 1971, the DeVille set a record as it placed third in the annual Cannonball Run with a speed of 84.6 mph, excluding stops, and 8.9 miles per gallon.

The next major redesign came in 1977 when the DeVille moved to its downsized model line. This was a decisive move as it differentiated the DeVille from the higher-end Fleetwood model. From 1977 through 1984, the models were mainly distinguished by minor trim and upholstery choices. In 1985, the new downsized DeVille line became the first front-wheel drive cars in Cadillac's history. This move was not as popular with consumers as Lincoln had surpassed Cadillac sales.

The DeVille then received another renovation in 2000 where the interior and exterior received major changes. This was the last redesign of the DeVille until its replacement by the DTS in 2006. The 2000 DeVille boasted several new features, including airbags, night vision technology, XM Satellite Radio, and OnStar roadside assistance.


DeVilles are sometimes converted for limousine use with the latest automotive technology. The 2000 DeVille was the first car to offer Raytheon night vision technology, which was sold with over 7,000 units, yet sales fell quickly with only 600 installations in 2004 and 145 in 2005.

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