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Cadillac Eldorado 1984 posters

Cadillac Eldorado

For 1979, the Cadillac Eldorado had a brand new, trimmer look, and shared its chassis with the Buick Riviera and Oldsmobile Toronado. The Eldorado was now powered by more fuel-efficient V8 engines – a 350 in³ (5.7 L) and a 368 in³ (6.0 L) – replacing the 500 and 425 in³ (8.2 and 7.0 L) engines, with a diesel 350 option. In 1980, the gas 350 was replaced with the 368, but the Oldsmobile 350 was used in California instead. In 1980 Eldorados and Sevilles – which shared frames – the 368s came with DEFI (later "throttle body injection"), compared to the larger RWD Cadillacs, which had 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetors. The Eldorado also included an independent rear suspension, retaining rear-seat and trunk room in the smaller body. A new, extreme notchback roofline was a defining styling feature, along with the return of the frameless door glass and quarter windows. Record sales of 67,436 made 1979 a very successful year. For 1981, the Eldorado was equipped with the variable displacement engine V8-6-4, designed to deactivate some cylinders to meet fuel economy standards ("CAFE"). It was a reduced version of the 1968 472, also sharing the stroke of the 1977-1979 425. Though robust and reliable, the engine's complex electronics caused many customer complaints. Another 1981 addition was the optional digital instrumentation, offering digital electronic climate control, a digital speedometer, and fuel gauges with remaining fuel and range displays.

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