Cadillac LaSalle 1927 posters

Cadillac LaSalle

The Cadillac LaSalle was trend-setting automobile in General Motors, with design overseer Earl responsible for the design of all GM vehicles. Extensive body styles ranging from Fisher and Fleetwood custom body designs were offered, with roadsters even available in two-tone color combinations, a rarely seen occurrence at the time. Moreover, the car showcased a unique Hispano-Suiza inspired design with the circled LaS trademark cast into the front light tie bar. Supported by a wheelbase ranging from 128" to 134" and equipped with the "Ninety Degree V-8" engine, the Cadillac LaSalle was fast and agile. On June 20, 1927, a LaSalle driven by Willard Rader and Gus Bell was tested at GM's Milford proving ground and achieved a 95.2 mph average on 952 miles with seven minutes given over to fueling and tire changes, compared to the Indianapolis 500's annual 97.5 mph average. However, the impact of the depression, combined with the falling LaSalle sales figures led to Cadillac rethinking the idea of a companion make. From a peak of 22,691 models sold in 1929, LaSalle sales slumped to only 3,290 in 1932. Both Buick and Oldsmobile also stopped selling their entry-level models, the Viking and Marqutte, by 1930. This reflected the difficulty faced by Cadillac sales as their original buyers trimmed their pennies and opted to buy the cheaper LaSalle.

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