Chevrolet Celta 2006 posters

Chevrolet Celta

GM do Brasil has seen its most successful product launch in 76 years with the Chevrolet Celta. Over 81,628 cars were sold in the first year - a new sales record - and August showing the highest monthly figure with 10,025 Celtas sold. This accounts for 31.2% of the retailer's total sales with 80% of these cars bought online through To ensure a successful launch, a great deal of innovation was put into place, from design and co-development by supplier partners at a new manufacturing plant to an online sales model. GM do Brasil president Walter Wieland called the endeavor risky but was overwhelmingly pleased with the sales results. The Chevrolet Celta managed to outperform its predecessor, the exceedingly popular Chevrolet Corsa, which opened the door to the "subcompact" car segment with 1.0L engine vehicles. In the more aggressive market seen this year, GM do Brasil's subcompact vehicle sales jumped by 48%, reaching 150,329 vehicles between January and August.

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