Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab 2004 posters

Chevrolet Colorado LS Z71 Extended Cab

The Chevrolet Colorado and its GMC Canyon twin were jointly designed by GM's North American operations, GM's Brazil operations, and Isuzu. The worldwide counterpart of the truck that Isuzu began selling in 2002 was the Isuzu i-Series, available in North America with the same powertrain, styling, and equipment as the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon. Global models of the truck, based on the GMT355 platform, are produced in GM factories in Rayong, Thailand, and São José dos Campos, Brazil, as well as in Shreveport, Louisiana for North American consumption. This cooperation mirrors the days of the Chevrolet LUV - a rebadged Isuzu Faster - in the 1970s. The Colorado/Canyon come with a manual or automatic transmission, and two or four-wheel drivetrain options, as well as with standard, extended, or four-door crew cab body styles. The standard engine is the 2.8 L (171 cu in) LK5 I4, though the optional Z71 package comes with the higher-powered 3.5 I5 for the four-door version. The four-door Z71s also feature the 4-speed automatic transmission standard. The ZQ8 edition of the truck features a sport suspension, 17 inch wheels, and color-matched bumper and grille, while Xtreme editions come with an optional front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, fender flares, grille, headlights, and 18 inch wheels, building upon the legacy of the Chevrolet S-10 trim package.

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