Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark Concept 1961 posters

Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark Concept

The Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark Concept was designed by Larry Shinoda under the direction of GM Design head Bill Mitchell in 1961. It was a concept to envision the future of Chevrolet Corvettes and was inspired by the look of the namesake fish. The concept was modified from the original 1963 Corvette with added extra brake lights at the back, a more pointed and elongated nose, a crystal clear glass roof with a periscope-like rear-view mirror and a restyled interior. There is a popular story related to the development of the design that involved stealing the shark mounted on the wall in Mitchell's office, painting it to match the concept car and returning it to the wall later. Mitchell was pleased with the result that closely resembled the natural form of a shark. The Mako Shark II followed shortly after in 1965 with the original Mako Shark concept being called Mako Shark I. It is also known that the 1968 Corvette styling derived heavily from the Mako Shark II.

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