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Chevrolet Lumina SS 2008 posters

Chevrolet Lumina SS

CAR Middle East, a leading UAE-based magazine and one of the world's most respected and authoritative motoring titles, has named the Chevrolet Lumina SS as "Best Sports Saloon" at its 9th Middle East International Motor Show for 2007. Shahzad Sheikh, the Editor of CAR Middle East, praised the vehicle for its 6.0-Litre V8 Corvette engine. He stated: "No other car offers this level of practicality, performance, and potential tail-sliding fun for the money." This was the first year that the Middle East edition of CAR magazine has presented awards in the region. For the awards ceremony, a jury of six regional automotive experts carefully judged 125 cars, taking quality, innovation, engineering, style, and relevance to the Middle East market into consideration. Ultimately, it was the Chevrolet Lumina SS that earned the title of "Best Sports Saloon". The Chevrolet Lumina SS runs on a 6.0-litre V8 engine, which produces a standard power of 360hp (net) at 5700 rpm and torque of 530 Nm as measured under the international ECE standard. Its 18" alloy wheels aid handling and longitudinal grip, while its bodyshell is engineered for stiffness that gives both stability and improved longitudinal compliance. The added Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system further endorses safety by controlling the balance of power and performance. The Chevrolet Lumina SS' brilliant exterior is met with an equally sophisticated interior. The cockpit has a serpentine plan view of the instrument panel which serves to increase the spaciousness of the vehicle. Hossein Hassani, the marketing manager for Chevrolet in the Middle East, commented: "The Chevrolet Lumina SS is beautifully proportioned with a muscular powerplant and an interior that exudes luxury and class. It's certainly worthy of the prestige of CAR Middle East's award."

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