Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport 2001 posters

Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

For 2000, Chevrolet incorporated features from both GM Motorsports and past Monte Carlos. Stylish wheel flares, along with a vertically-oriented tail lamp and a stylized rear bumper, gave the Monte Carlo a distinct look. The car's classic "Knight" badge and full gauge cluster, last seen on the 1988 version, added to its appeal. Additionally, Super Sport replaced the Z34 moniker of the fifth generation, build of the Lumina coupe legacy. A slight "hump" was placed on the trunk that somewhat resembled the Lincoln Mark VIII, and a spoiler adopted from the NASCAR circuit provided an aerodynamic touch. Specialty nameplates In 2002, Chevrolet unveiled the Dale Earnhardt "Intimidator Edition" – a black or all-black car with galaxy silver rocker panels and air dams, a thin red stripe above the silver ground effects, and the Dale Number 3 logo. Decorative features included silver "Intimidator" SS badges on the right side of the trunk and Monte Carlo SS badges in front of the rear tires. An Intimidator badge with the number 3 and Earnhardt's signature appeared on the dash. The interior of the edition featured all black leather, with 5 spoke diamond-cut wheels, and GM's L36 3800 V6 engine.

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