Chevrolet Sequel Concept 2006 posters

Chevrolet Sequel Concept

General Motors has made a real solution to clean up the environment and reduce petroleum dependence a reality with the driveable version of the Chevrolet Sequel Concept, which the automaker dubs "the most technologically advanced automobile ever built". Larry Burns, GM vice president, research and development and strategic planning, proudly states that this vehicle "fundamentally changes the DNA of today's automobiles". First introduced in 2005 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Sequel illustrates how GM has answered their own Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner's challenge of completely reinventing the automobile. Matching its advanced design with groundbreaking functionality, the Chevy Sequel boasts a range of 300 miles between fill-ups, 60 mph acceleration in 10 seconds as well as features not usually seen in a standard crossover SUV like wheel hub motors, lithium-ion batteries and an aluminum structure. With its power coming from clean, renewable hydrogen and water vapor emissions, this vehicle has all the safety, features and style the market expects from a premium vehicle. It also has superior control on snow and ice, increased torque and shorter braking distances. By offering improved performance and sustainability, the Sequel promises to enthrall customers and ultimately lead to more sustainable transportation.

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