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Chrysler Pronto Cruizer Concept 1999 posters

Chrysler Pronto Cruizer Concept

The Chrysler Pronto Cruizer is a concept car that first made its debut at the 1999 Geneva Auto Show, created by the DaimlerChrysler brand. It is one of the most popular concept cars to date, as it not only serves as the foundation of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, but was also reproduced by scale model-maker Maisto. The Pronto Cruizer was built with a 1.6L I4 engine mated with a five-speed manual transmission from the second generation Dodge Neon. Design cues such as the grille and fenders were taken from the Plymouth Pronto concept car, and a roll-back fabric top was used for the vehicle as well. As the Pronto Cruizer rose to fame, it was recreated as a 1:18 scale model, with an Aztec Yellow paint job. Another version of the scale model, with a Marvel's Incredible Hulk theme, was released by Maisto.

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