Citroen C-SportLounge Concept Car 2005 posters

Citroen C-SportLounge Concept Car

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005, Citroën unveiled the new C-SportLounge concept car; an interpretation of the grand touring car equipped with powerful, aerodynamic exterior lines and a functional, ergonomic interior. With a 0.26 drag coefficient, the C-SportLounge stands out with its wide tracks, curved flanks, broadened air intake, elongated headlamps, broad glass surface, and long, sweeping roof. The luxurious, spacious cabin of the C-SportLounge offers a harmonious blend of high-quality and mechanical elements within a reverse-opening, four-seater format. The driver's seat is semi-raised to its own level, instilling the sensation of an aeroplane cockpit. The airy cabin also provides plenty of boot space and access to essential comfort and safety features. The ergonomic layout includes a fixed central control panel, steering wheel-mounted fixed control, and gear-shifting paddles for a smooth, uninterrupted journey.

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