Citroen Cruise Crosser Concept 2007 posters

Citroen Cruise Crosser Concept

Drawing inspiration from its founder André Citroën's ambitious endeavors, Citroën has created the Cruise Crosser concept car. This off-road concept, produced in collaboration with Citroën Styling and the Espera Sbarro School, is based on the C-Crosser and is equipped with three axles and six wheels, just like the half-track vehicles used in the 1922 Sahara motor crossing and the Croisière Noire and jaune expeditions.

Off-road adventure and recreation

The bold orange colour and large red compasses on each side of the Cruise Crosser give it a modern-day adventurous appeal. The vehicle's spacious open space at the back is designed to accommodate extra passengers (with a row 3 available) or a large amount of luggage. An opening mechanism in the tailgate and step plates on both sides facilitate loading and unloading.

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