Citroen DS 23 IE 1973 posters

Citroen DS 23 IE

The Citroën DS (also known as Déesse, or Goddess, due to its punning initials in French) was a legend in the automotive world, manufactured between 1955 and 1975. Citroën sold nearly 1.5 million D-series during its two decades of production, a testament to the car's distinct aerodynamic body design and its unique technology that included a self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension system, unprecedented ride quality, and roadholding. Model history began in secret and 18 years of development, with the DS 19's unveiling to an astonished public in the 1955 Paris Motor Show. With 743 orders taken in just the first 15 minutes, and 12,000 within the day, the car set high standards that competitors had to match for many years. With its futuristic, smooth aesthetic, the DS was an uncompromising leap into the future. The cost tag, however, made the DS inaccessible to many and Citroën responded in 1957 with the ID, a less expensive submodel that featured a few traditional elements. Though lacking power steering and a hydraulic transmission and clutch, the first model series of the ID was called 11D - an homage to the Traction Avant's 11C model. In 1958, a station wagon variant - the ID Break - was introduced.

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