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Citroen Hypnos Concept 2008 posters

Citroen Hypnos Concept

Beautifully crafted and with a bold style, the Citroën Hypnos Concept truly exemplifies hybrid technology with its look and capabilities. Its elegant and captivating crossover build combines the design of a sporty coupé with the soothing comfort of a saloon and the roominess of an SUV. All this is powered by the HYmotion4 drivetrain, Citroën's new electric hybrid which delivers 200 horsepowers while maintaining an economical 60+ miles per gallon. Citroën Hypnos Concept dishes out an electrifying vision of the future of luxury vehicles, featuring ground-breaking and intelligent features such as a face-recognition system to adjust the cabin environment to match its occupant's emotion, massage seats for added comfort, thermo-sensitive ambient lighting, a distinctive diamond-shaped instrument panel, and a clock with no face. At 4.90 m long, 2.17 m wide, and 1.58 m high, the Citroën Hypnos Concept takes up an eye-catching stance with its tautly-drawn bonnet line, raised waistline, and sizeable 22-inch wheels. Its deep radiant grey, which varies in intensity, brings a sense of grandeur to the vehicle's interior, adding to its palpable luxuriousness. Besides, this SUV also sports 'pillarless' roof and back hinged rear doors to promote easy entry and unrestricted access to the cargo space.

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