Covini C6W 2004 posters

Covini C6W

The Covini C6W is a six wheeled car first conceptually revealed by Ferruccio Covini in 1974. The idea was to include 10 inch front wheels, considering that low profile tyres had not yet been invented. All progress on the C6W was put on hold, as the Soleado prototype seemed to take precedence and the project was left dormant until the 80s. At that time, hydro-pneumatic suspension technology was devised for the four front wheels in order to facilitate optimal weight distribution across various loading conditions. The C6W project was delayed again due to costly developmental requirements and other obstacles. The car's use of sophisticated ABS systems and airbags in the 90s served to advance any ongoing research into active and passive safety, steadily growing the backing from companies involved in its development. Why six wheels?
  • In case of a deflated front tyre, the vehicle control is guaranteed by the adjacent wheel.
  • Four front discs, smaller than a single area, ensure a greater braking surface that prevents overheating and increases braking efficiency.
  • It is less prone to aquaplaning, due to its two foremost wheels that wipe the water for those behind them, providing an improved roadholding.
  • The suspension absorbs reactions from pot holes more efficiently, as the shock is divided between the four front wheels reducing any shudder that may otherwise occur in the chassis.
  • Reduced wheel weight increases grip and stability, while the two additional springs and dampers provide better handling for the car.
Technical Specifications
  • ENGINE: rear, longitudinal, 8 cylinder in V formation, 4 valves per cylinder, naturally aspirated, petrol direct injection Bosch-motronic.
  • CAPACITY: 4200 cc
  • MAX POWER: 380 PS (260KW) at 6400 rpm
  • MAX TORQUE: about 450 Nm (45.9 Kgm) at 2700 rpm
  • TRANSMISSION: rear wheel drive transaxle
  • GEARBOX: mechanical 6-speed + reverse. Manual and electro-hydraulic steeringwheel mounted servo.
  • CHASSIS: steel tubular with carbon fibre reinforcements and structural parts.
  • SUSPENSION: independent front and rear wishbones.
  • WHEELS AND TYRES: front 16in wheels with 215/45-16 tyres; rear 20in with 345/25-20 tyres.
  • BRAKES: front and rear vented Brembo discs. Bosch servo and electronic brake distribution.
  • BODYWORK: glass fibre and carbon fibre.
  • DIMENSIONS: length 4180mm; width 1990mm; height 1080mm; wheelbase 2230mm/2750mm (to foremost/middle front transaxle); front track 1540mm; rear track 1620mm ; dry weight 1150 kg.
  • TOP SPEED: 300 km/h (185mph).

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