Dacia Logan 1.4 MPI 2005 posters

Dacia Logan 1.4 MPI

The Logan is a low-cost subcompact car/supermini jointly manufactured by the French company Renault and its affiliate Dacia from Romania. It is produced at Dacia's automobile plant in Mioveni, Romania, and the existence of the Renault marque in a particular country determines whether the car is badged Dacia or Renault. History Renault announced the development of Project X90 in 1999, after the acquisition of the Romanian carmaker Dacia. During a tour of Russia, French President Jacques Chirac noticed that the lower-priced Ladas were being sold at a significantly higher rate compared to more expensive Renault models. This prompted him to set a goal of creating a good car that could be sold at 6,000€, although later he revised the set limit to 5,000€. According to him, a car should have three characteristics – modern, reliable and affordable – and all other features can be talked about. Although the cheapest version of the Logan comes at almost 6,000€, its price can vary up to 8,500€, depending on equipment levels and customs duty. It was designed to be a low-cost vehicle, so specific features have been simplified in order to keep the costs down. The Logan replaced older versions of cars in production, such as the Romanian Dacia 1300 series and the Iranian Paykan (Hillman Hunter-based). It was officially released in 2004, with no plans for sale in Western Europe. However, a more expensive version of the car was eventually imported to the region in June 2005, priced from around 7000€.

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