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Datsun is a Japanese automobile manufacturer, pertaining to Nissan. more

The traditional logo of the brand is based on the flag of Japan with a blue rectangle, containing the brand name, in front of it. Later, this logo was inherited by Nissan.

The company was established as Kaishinsha Motorcar Works in 1911 by Den Kenjiro, Aoyama Rokuro and Takeuchi Meitaro. Its first car under the DAT brand was presented in 1914. DAT was the acronym of the surnames of the company’s founders. In 1925, the company changed its name to DAT Motorcar Co. Simultaneously with the cars, the company started to produce trucks. In 1926, it merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd, forming DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 1930, the company started to produce smaller cars calling them Datson, the name, which in 1933 was changed to Datsun. In 1934, after Nihon Sangyo Co., Ltd. became a 100% investor of the company, its name was changed to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. though the cars were released under the Datsun brand.

In 1958, Datsun cars started to be imported to the USA and in 1964, Nissan became the first Japanese company, which entered the list of top 10 automobile importers of the US. In 1976, Nissan became the largest exporter in the world because of having its own fleet. In 1986, all the Datsun emblems on the cars were changed to the Nissan ones in order to strengthen the Nissan brand. Thus, from 1986 to 2013, no cars under the Datsun brand name were released.

In 2012, Nissan decided to re-launch the brand in Indonesia, South Africa, India and Russia. In 2013, Datsun Go was the first car of the re-launched brand.

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