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De Tomaso Automobili SpA was an Italian car brand with the headquarters in Modena, which specialized in sports cars. more

The company was established in 1959 as De Tomaso Modena SpA by Alejandro de Tomaso. First, it produced racing cars, including the ones for Formula 1. In 1963, De Tomaso presented its first sports car for mass production, Vallelunga. In 1970-1980s, De Tomaso dealt with high-performance sports cars, luxury coupes and saloons. In 1971, Deauville was introduced as a rival to Mercedes and Jaguar. However, De Tomaso failed to surpass them.

From 1976 to 1993, De Tomaso was an owner of the Maserati brand. And from 1973 to 1993, it also owned Moto Guzzi motorcycle company.

In 2004, the company officially stopped producing cars, though some models were made in 2005. In 2008, the company was liquidated. However, in 2009, Gian Mario Rossignolo bought the company and named it De Tomaso Automobili SpA. In 2011, concept car De Tomaso Deauville was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. In 2015, China's Consolidated Ideal TeamVenture bought the brand.

De Tomaso Deauville Concept 2011 posters