Dodge Avenger Concept 2003 posters

Dodge Avenger Concept

Detroit, Jan 6, 2003

The Dodge Avenger Concept merges European rallye car performance and style with the convenience and capability of an American sport-utility vehicle. With a vibrant Adrenaline Red Pearl exterior, this concept car showcases the high-tech performance and passion that has previously only been seen in video games. But unlike its virtual counterpart, the Avenger is adapted for real-life adventures far away from the computer. As based on the European rallye coupe architecture, the Avenger couples its muscular, rallye-inspired fenders with four doors – mark of the brand's "do more" philosophy. Its body style is sleek and substantial, with precise and robust surfaces that emphasize its protective quality. This combination of performance and street smarts offers the agility of a passenger car and the resilience of an SUV. Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President of Design for Chrysler Group, commented that in Europe, rallye cars are known for their toughness regardless of conditions. In North America, such sporty automobiles are only seen in video games, limiting those who appreciate a vehicle of similar capability to traditional SUVs. But with the Dodge Avenger, drivers can take these capabilities to the streets of cities like New York City, Detroit and Chicago, or the back roads of Vail, Napa Valley or Cheyenne.

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