Dodge Caravan 1986 posters

Dodge Caravan

Lee Iacocca and Hal Sperlich, who had earlier developed the concept at Ford Motor Company, finally produced the T-115 minivan in 1983. Chrysler marketed this vehicle under the names of Caravan and Voyager, referring to them as the 'Magic-wagons'. Following Chrysler's tradition, the Caravan and Voyager used the existing Chrysler S platform, which was an extended version of the K platform. The same year the Dodge Caravan was produced, Renault revealed the Espace to the European market and four years later, the Chrysler Voyager was released to Europe as well. The Caravan and Voyager, alongside car-like styles, had the ability to fit five passengers in two rows of seating. Ford then further enhanced the concept and introduced the Grand Caravan in 1987, which had a higher capacity of seven passengers and additional cargo space. Three trim levels were on offer - base, SE, and LE. The base configuration included two bucket seats in the front with an open area between them and a 3-person bench seat at the rear. The LE variant offered a two-person bench seat in the second row and another 3-person bench seat in the third row. The rear bench seats could be removed independently and the large 3-person seat could be installed in the second row using additional attachment points. A 60/40 split bench at the front, which could accommodate an extra passenger, was available for the SE trim level only in 1985. However, it was discontinued later.

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