Dodge Charger RT 1971 posters

Dodge Charger RT

In 1971, Dodge revved up its engine and introduced the third generation Charger. That year, everything from its "Pontiac" grille and rounder appearance to its comfortable interiors were completely restyled – and they weren't the only thing sharing similar aesthetics and features. In fact, the same design had been present on the '68 to '70 Pontiac GTOs. It was also the first year a rear spoiler and "Ramcharger" hood made it to the option list, features that would make it stand out even more. Plus, the addition of a novel, gimmicky device – found directly on the hood, above the air cleaner – made the driver able to bring in clean air straight to the carburetor with just the pull of a lever beneath the dash. But that's not all – the Coronet and Charger lines were merged so from then on, all four-door B-Body cars were badged as Coronets and two-door models as Chargers – bringing to the stable the one-time only Charger Super Bee. As for the 500, it had changed and could now be equipped with any engine available. The R/T had become less popular though, as insurance rates saw a sharp raise. Only 63 Hemi models were built that year and only 2,659 came with different engines. But that was prelude to the next year which saw the end of the high-performance 440 Six-Pack engine (except for the several dozen 1972 Chargers that had it). This was due to the programs of strict emissions regulations and increasing gasoline prices that began to weaken the sales of muscle cars, marking the start of the final stages before the end of the muscle car era.

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