Dodge Dakota 2000 posters

Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

The 1997-2004 second-generation Dodge Dakota Quad Cab was modelled on the larger Ram, but beneath the double take-worthy exterior was a familiar frame. Notable in its class was the availability of the 5.9 L, 250 hp (186 kW) Magnum V8, providing competition-level performance. In 2000, the truck was improved with the updated 4.7 L SOHC PowerTech V8, and a four-door "Quad-Cab" model with a shorter bed and smaller wheelbase. For 1998, enthusiasts could opt for the R/T model, complete with hefty performance modifications and a monotone paint job. Chrome wheels were added for 2002, and the 2003 version received the "Stampede" lower body cladding package and additional chromed wheels. Overall, the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab had a performance-oriented package that allowed it to compete with larger trucks of a similar class, while still providing a sleek and modern look.

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