Dodge EV Concept 2008 posters

Dodge EV Concept

The Dodge EV development Electric Vehicle is a two-passenger, rear-wheel-drive sports car created to combine exhilarating performance with zero tailpipe emissions, based on the Lotus Europa. "The Dodge EV sets a new bar for what electric-drive vehicles can offer," said Lou Rhodes, Vice President - Advance Vehicle Engineering, and President - ENVI. "The electric-vehicle technology empowers a dynamic sports car while helping redefine the idea of an eco-friendly car for the Dodge brand." The electric-drive system of the Dodge EV is composed of three primary components: a 200 kW (268 horsepower) electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery and an integrated power controller. The 200 kW electric-drive motor can generate up to 650 Nā€¢m (480 lb.-ft.) of torque, which translates into a 0-60 mph time of less than five seconds and 13-second quarter-mile times - all with a top speed of more than 120 mph. Furthermore, the Dodge EV is made to take advantage of the latest advanced lithium-ion battery technology, allowing it to travel up to 200 miles - well beyond the daily commute for many drivers. Recharging the vehicle is effortless and requires a simple one-step process of plugging it into a standard 110-volt household outlet for eight hours. To reduce this time to half, the EV can be plugged to a 220-volt household appliance power outlet. With the Dodge EV, it is now possible to experience the rush of driving a sports car on a daily basis - without guzzling gas or causing emissions pollution.

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